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Lone Pipers

Previous editions of United Pipers for Peace have always included a pipe band of pipers and drummers not attached to specific pipe band. In 2016, they went by the name of "Lonely Pipers", which changed to "Lone Pipers" in 2018.


As those of you who have visited this page before already know, we have had some doubts as to whether it was appropriate to maintain the name Lone Pipers, given the absence of a number of existing Lone Pipers.

It's now clear to us that it was a mistake to change the name, so we have decided to revert back to the traditional name of Lone Pipers.

If you play the pipes or drums, without being attached to a specific band, or if your band is not able to take part in United Pipers for Peace Manchester 2022, why not come along and play with the Lone Pipers?


To do so, it's quite simple. Just fill in the form below and a coordinator will get in touch with you to discuss appropriate tunes, possible online practices... If forms are not to your taste, just call us on +44(0)161 818 6032 (UK number) or +33 607487277 (French number) to speak to an English or French speaker.

Play for Peace with the Lone Pipers

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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