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Participating Pipe Bands


Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band

Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK

Founded in 1948,the Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band is one of the oldest active pipe bands of the Irish tradition.
Distinctive by its green kilts and green & red ribbons, the Fianna Phádraig boasts an extensive repertoire of Irish and Scottish tunes.
The Band is proud to be hosting United Pipers for Peace in its home city of Manchester.

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91st Gatinais.jpg

91st Gâtinais Highlander Pipe Band

Moigny-sur-Ecole, France

The 91st Gâtinais Highlanders Pipe Band, or 91st  GHPB, was founded in 2002. It is based in Moigny-sur-Ecole, Essonne, South of Paris.
This musical ensemble comprises some fifteen musicians playing the great Highland bagpipes and percussion (bass drum, snare drums and tenor drums).
The pipers and the drummers perform at a wide variety of events, Scottish civilian or military dress. They play at both private and public events: commemorations, parades, ceremonies, cultural, sporting and associative events.

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Huntly and District Pipe Band

Huntly, Scotland

Our friends from the Huntly and District Pipe Band are a recreational band based in the market town of Huntly, Scotland.
Formed in 1948 by Gordon Highlanders returning home from service in WWII, the band is a big part of the local community and they are looking forward to celebrating their 75th anniversary next year.
Their aim is to promote and encourage the advancement of Pipe Band Music in their area, with a tuition programme for pipers and drummers, which is committed to continual learning.
The band are a class act and have been great favourites at the previous editions of United Pipers for Peace in 2016 and 2018.
Find out more online...

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Oldham Scottish Pipe Band


Founded nearly 95 years ago, Oldham Scottish Pipe Band are great favourites at parades, celebrations and commemorations throughout the North-West and further afield. They are a quality act, first class entertainers and great fun to meet up with at different events throughout the year. 
Check out our good friends from Oldham at or on the social media links below.
P.S. Graham, the bass drummer, is a sight for sore eyes!

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Newtonhill Pipe Band

Newtonhill, Scotland

The slots are filling up quickly! The latest addition to our merry band of pipers and drummers is the Newtonhill Pipe Band. We first met our friends from Newtonhill at the first edition of United Pipers for Peace in Amiens, France, back in 2016 and then again in 2018. Newtonhill pipe band are a recreational pipe band who practise in Portlethen Academy, near Aberdeen. They always welcome new members, whether beginners or experienced musicians. The band is dedicated to preserving and developing the the tradition of the piping and drumming

Find out more about Newtonhil pipeband on their social media links below.

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Weilerswist and District Pipe Band

Weilerswist, Germany

Hailing from the region around Cologne, and more specifically the oreifel ("Fore-Eifel" or "Pre-Eifel"), a settlement area in the southern part of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The region includes numerous towns and villages, not least of all Weilerswist, home to our dear friends from Germany, who, as a German band, have taken part alongside pipe bands from France, Ireland, England, Scotland, the United States and many other nations, oncc adversaries,  now the greatest of friends and partners. They are a true embodiment of United Pipers for Peace: the only weapon they carry is the bagpipe. Find out more about the Weilerswist and District Pipe Band by clicking on the links below.

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Northenden Pipe Band

Northenden, Wythenshawe, Manchester

We are delighted to welcome our dear friends and neighbours from South Manchester. This traditional Scottish style pipe band, led by pipe major Gus Mackenzie, is one of the two surviving pipe bands in Wythenshawe, alongside ourselves. In recent years, we have had the opportunity to practice together on occasion and even hold a joint Christmastime performance in Northenden.
United Pipers for Peace Manchester 2022 will give us another opportunity to play together. Hopefully, there will be more to come in the future. We cannot talk about the Northenden Pipe and without a special mention for our dear friend, Jimmy Hickey. Jim was a key member of the Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band in the 1960s and 70s, when he moved to the Northenden Pipe Band to become pipe major. Our friendship has remained as strong as ever and Jim was instrumental in setting up the joint practices held between the two Wythenshawe bands. We sincerely hope to see Jim and his even better half, June, at United Pipers for Peace Manchester 2022.
Find out more about the Northenden Pipe Band by clicking on the link below.


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Accrington Pipe Band

Accrington, Lancashire

We are delighted to welcome to United Pipers for Peace 2020 Accrington Pipe Band, the oldest civilian pipe band in the United Kingdom and reputedly the world, formed in 1885. The band takes part annually in a number of events including carnivals, galas and fetes. Each year the band plays at the Royal British Legion’s Remembrance Day parade in Accrington and at Skipton’s famous Christmas markets. You will find regular updates on upcoming public events on the News & Events page on our website.

The band has an extensive repertoire of Scottish music including Marches, Slow Airs, Strathspeys and Reels which can be arranged to suit any occasion, including processions, marching displays, static shows and Burns Night suppers.

The band regularly undertakes engagements outside of the Lancashire area. As well as playing in Edinburgh every five years, we are currently looking forward to travelling to New York in 2013, where we have been invited to play in the New York Tartan Week Parade.

Membership of the band is open to all and newcomers will be offered training in pipes or drums, whichever is their preference. If you are interested and feel you have the dedication necessary to join with this historic band, give the Pipe Major or Band Secretary a call (see contact page) or why not come along to meet us? We meet each Tuesday evening at the St John Ambulance Hall on Scaitcliffe Street across from The Globe Centre, Accrington from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and would be happy to see you.

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Samarobriva Pipes and Drums

Amiens, France

Pipe band from Amiens, near the battlefields of the Somme. The group aims to attend World War I commemorations in and around the region. The pipe band is the creator of United Pipers for Peace and hosted both the 2016 and 2018 editions in Amiens, France.

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band voor de kathedraal Amiens 3.jpg

City of Apeldoorn Pipes and Drums

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

The City of Apeldoorn Pipes and Drums is an association, founded on May 3, 2006. The purpose of the association is: music practice with Pipes and Drums to support the purpose of the Royal Canadian Legion through cooperation, to commemorate and commemorate especially Canadian war victims in the Netherlands. With the permission of the municipality of Apeldoorn, the association carries the coat of arms of this municipality. The colors in the coat of arms inspired us in choosing the tartan for the kilt members wear during performances.

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Hudson Highlands Pipe Band

Cold Spring, NY, USA

Chance encounters often lead to great friendships. Our first contact with the Hudson Highlands PB came from a shared piece of sheet music of the tune "The Marketplace of Inverness". Our friendship grew from there! The Hudson Highlands Pipe Band have done us the great honour of agreeing to fly over from the United States to take part in United Pipers for Peace Manchester 2022.
The Band was first established in 2005, as the Cold Spring Fire Co. Pipes & Drums.

In 2011 the band became the Hudson Highlands Pipe Band.

The Hudson Highlands Pipe Band is a sought after band for local parades, performing in most of the local St. Patrick’s Day parades, and at firemen’s parades, private parties, and community events throughout the year.
We are delighted to be able to welcome them to our home city for United Pipers for Peace Manchester 2022.
Find out more online...

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Manchester Community Pipe Band


The Manchester Community Pipe Band welcome all ages, from 7 to 77 to come and learn to play the pipes or drums. All levels are welcome, from absolute beginners to experienced musicians looking for a new challenge. The band meets for practice every Tuesday at the Irish World Heritage Centre.  The Manchester Community Pipe Band are among the organisers of the annual pipe band commemoration to mark the anniversary of the tragic Manchester Arena bombing in which 22 innocent victims lost their lives.
Find out more about the Manchester Community Pipe Band on their Facebook page below.

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bolton caledonia Lytham Parade.jpg

Bolton Caledonia Pipe Band


Bolton Caledonia Pipe Band has a long history going right back to 1900 when the band began as "2nd Bolton Boys Brigade Band".

The band has gone through many changes since those first days. The journey has involved being part of the competing world taking part in many competitions over the years and also bringing one or two trophies home along the way. We have also been lucky enough to travel further afield including trips to France, Germany, Brittany and most recently Belgium.

Today’s band is purely social and its members all enjoy the relaxed atmosphere this new format provides. We have a very full calendar, during the summer months particularly. We get involved in events not only in Bolton but around the north West of England and sometimes beyond.

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M22 Pipes & Drums (aka Lone Pipers)

Here, there and everywhere

At United Pipers for Peace Manchester 2022, the band known as the Lone Pipers at previous editions will be named the M22 Pipes & Drums out of respect for many regular lone pipers who are not available to come over to Manchester in September.
All pipers and drummers who are not attached to a pipe band already taking part in United Pipers for Peace Manchester 2022 are more than welcome to sign up for the M22 Pipes & Drums for 17th and 18th September. Simply fill in the form on the About the M22 Pipes & Drums page. We already have 5 pipers signed up for the M22s. We hope many more pipers and drummers will join them for this unique occasion. 
The photo above may seem unrelated, but it dates back to the early 70s with members mainly from M22,  and you may be able to spot some current Fianna Phádraig pipe band members, 50 years on!

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Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band France

Picardy, France

Well, here's a surprise for many of you. Your Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band has gone international with the recent creation of the Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band Picardy in the town of Verberie, near the Imperial city of Compiègne.
The Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band Picardy will meet weekly for lessons and practices from September in the magnificent surroundings of the Château d'Aramont.
Membership is open to all aged 10 and more, boys, girls, men, women, of all origins, beliefs, philosophies or orientations in keeping with the values espoused by the Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band over the past 75 years.

The Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band Picardy France, which will be present online over the coming weeks (website, twitter, facebook and instagram), will have a symbolic presencc at United Pipers for Peace with a limited number of members wearing their uniform which will be the same as that of the Fianna Phádraig Pipe Band Manchester, but with a saffron coloured kilt and braids. We will keep you posted on the progress of this sister band in the coming weeks.

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